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Our enormous selection of snacks ranges from Gummy Sharks to Chile Pistachios, Fancy Chocolate Mix to Honey Cashews. Here, you’ll find the fresh, delicious products that keep the yummy in your snack experience. You’ll find some of the healthiest nuts to eat when dieting, unforgettable snacks to jump-start your energy, and tantalizing candies that keep you coming back or more.


The perfect way to boost your energy on a long drive, keep the munchies at bay during a big day at work, or experience the diet benefits of high protein, low fat snack; our nuts have been one of our most popular offerings since the very beginning. Healthy snacks with sweet, salty, and savory flavors; choose from traditional Mixed Nuts or Cashews, or get wild.

Salted Pistachios

The ideal, salty snack for long road trips or hikes across the sunlit beach.

Mixed Nuts

A high-energy mix that elevates your whole day to the next level.

Toffee Peanuts

Add a twist to your peanuts with this sweet, delicious toffee coating.

Salted Sunflower Seeds Kernels

Perfect to boost your fitness or diet regime – these tasty morsels hook you from the first mouthful.

Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Boost your energy with this favorite traditional salty pumpkin seed snack.


One of the healthiest snacks to help you meet your fitness goals, or just to satisfy the munchies.


Sweet and savory – pecans boost your energy even on the longest work day.

Yogurt Pretzels

The ideal combination of crunchy, salty, and sweet – you’ll want to keep a bag of these delectable snacks in your bag every day.

Salted Peanuts

Salty and outstanding – this favorite traditional snack keeps you satisfied all day long.

Hot & Spicy Peanuts

Spicy and delicious – the favorite traditional snack with a bit of a kick.

Salted Cashew

A salty treat that’s low in fat and high in protein – cashews are a snack-lover’s dream.

Unsalted Cashews

These straightforward, traditional favorites give you a perfect boost of energy.

Honey Cashews

A healthy snack with a sweet, unforgettable taste – our honey cashews combine sweet and salty yumminess.

Chocolate Almonds

A worldwide favorite – our chocolate almonds seamlessly combine protein with sweetness.

Chocolate Raisins

The perfect, chewy snack for a hike in the woods or a long road trip.

Trail Mixes

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or on a long cross country road trip; these delicious trail mixes keep your energy high and your mood bright. Healthy, salty, sweet, or savory; choose from tantalizing snacks like Fancy Chocolate Mix. Reap the diet benefits of our healthful nut blends, or just spark your energy with some yummy pretzels; our trail mixes ensure you get the snack experience you love.

Tropical Mix

You’re transported to a sunny island while you devour this high-energy, sweet and savory snack.

High Energy Mix

Boosts your brain and gets your energy kicking – this mix jump-starts your day.

Natures Mix

Natural and healthful, our nutty nature’s mix is ideal for a day at the beach or on the trails.

Fancy Chocolate Mix

A chocolate lover’s dream; this mix fulfills your every sweet craving.

Fancy Island Mix

Sit back and feel the sun warm your face with this delightful, tropical mix.

Yogurt Nut Mix

The perfect sweet and salty combo – our yogurt nut mix has been a favorite since the beginning.


You’ll find a delicious selection of mouthwatering sweets; enough to tantalize folks young and old. Even better, we give you the best tasting low calorie candy on the market today. This way, you can stick to your diet regimen, while getting all the perks of a delicious snack. Our huge selection ranges from traditional to innovative, and from Jelly Beans to Spice Drops to Gummy Bears; there’s truly something here for everyone.

Gummy Crawlers

Tart and sweet – these candy crawlers keep your chewing for hours on end.

Gummy Worms

Wiggly worms that give you the sweet, chewy snack experience you love.

Neon Gummy Bears

These bright, cheerful bears are sweet and sour – lightening your step on a long day.

Gummy Sharks

Get crazy with these sweet, sumptuous gummy sharks.

Gummy Bears

Our high-quality twist on an age-old snack, these gummy bears will keep you coming back.

Melon Rings

Fruity and fanciful, let these yummy melon rings jump start your energy.

Peach Rings

These delicious, juicy peach candy will tantalize even the pickiest eater.

Apple Rings

Satisfy your craving with a chewy, sweet apple ring.

Cherry Sour Balls

Jump-start your taste buds with these extra-sour cherry balls.

Red Licorice

Perfect for a night of movies or afternoon snack – this red licorice is the chewy candy you love.

Lemon Drops

Citrus candy that explodes in your mouth with sweet and sour elegance.

Sour Balls (assorted)

Snack on these multi-colored sour balls that fill your mouth with flavor.

Soft Peppermint Puffs

These soft and sumptuous puffs are an explosion of spicy sweetness.

Starlight Mint

The perfect midnight snack; these candies are a delightful, minty treat.


The classic favorite – kids and adults alike can’t get enough of these yummy sour candies.

Caramel Creams

Rich and sweet – these caramel creams are a dream for the sweet tooth.

 Jolly Ranchers

Sour and salty – these cheerful candies are a favorite for young and old alike.

Fruit Slices

Sweet and extravagant – these slices of wonder are a fruit-lover’s heaven.

Orange Slices

For those who love sweet, citrusy treats; these Orange candies are a slice of heaven.

Circus Peanuts

Take a trip to the old-school circus with these delightful, spiced circus peanuts.

Atomic Fireballs

One of our best tasting, lowest calorie candy – these explosive fireballs sparkle with hot flavor.


These hot, exciting candies are chewy delicious – and will keep munchers on their toes.

Candy Corn

Whether it’s Halloween or not – get your fill with these sweet, spooky treats.

 Jelly Beans

Who doesn’t love jelly beans? The perfect party snack or afternoon treat.

Hispanic Snacks

We love bringing you dynamic tastes that will keep you enchanted from the first bite; sumptuous, salty, and savory snacks that are healthy and fulfilling, and will get you dreaming of sunny days in the southern hemisphere. These yummy, traditional Hispanic offerings are one of our proudest lines, and set Island Snacks apart from the crowd.

Chile Peanuts

Protein meets delicious in this Hispanic-style peanut snack.

Chile Nut Mix W/Lime

Make your day a little more amazing with this high-energy Chile nut mix with a hint of lime.

Spicy Party Mix

Get wild with this high protein, spicy party mix – filled with all your favorite nuts and chips.

Lemon Peanuts

Unexpected and totally delightful – this lemon peanut combo continues to wow our fans.

Mex. Pumpkin Seeds

Add a sparkle to your day with these yummy Mexican-inspired pumpkin seeds.

Chile Garbanzos Lime

Low fat, high protein, and totally delicious, these garbanzos will be your new favorite.

Chile Habas W/Lime

One of our family favorites – the chile habas with lime adds a twist of excitement to any day.

Chile Mango

Sweet, spicy, and amazing – this unforgettable snack hooks you from the first bite.

Japanese Peanuts

These sumptuous snacks add a twist of unexpected delight to any normal day.

Chamoy Tamarindo

This exciting, classic Mexican candy explodes in your mouth with tantalizing flavors.

Chile Pistachios

These all-popular Chile pistachios add a splash of spice to your healthy snack choices.


This yummy, peanut-flavored treat has a sweet, charming flavor – destined to become your next favorite snack.

Chile Japanese Peanuts

These sumptuous snacks add a twist of unexpected delight to any normal day.

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